When i start blogging after 12am.

It’s you baby that keeps me going.

MOVED! April 1, 2007

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after-12am.livejournal.com ūüėÄ


should i? March 27, 2007

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i’m changing back to blogspot. or maybe livejournal. everyone is using LJ! i’m a KUKU to livejournal. i will nv ever know how to edit shit in livejournal. HELP?!

i’m a lazy person. i dont like uploading photos in photobucket and copying the link into LJ. blogspot is so much easier. HOW LAH!


jellygillyfishhy. March 21, 2007

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we caught jellyfishys¬†using our bare hands while we were fishing yst at ponggol marina/pulau ubin. it’s safely placed¬†at eric’s house now. lovely jellyfishys. i want to keep them as my new pet!


confused. March 19, 2007

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first stick at 6:31pm. last night was crazy. john got to drive on the main road for the first time. it’s a monday again and jason is not around. i feel like wakeboarding. my life is getting worst. i’m screwed.


night is forever young. March 15, 2007

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believe it or not. i’m listening to chinese songs which makes me feel so emo. i miss my baby soso much.¬†i would talk to him every¬†night¬†on the phone before he sleeps. one day left to see him. which means another day of embarrassment. don’t think i should mention it here.¬†only paul & helly knows what i’m talking about.


yup, everynight w/o fail. i’m still holding on. he¬†has 1month more¬†to complete that stupid retarded course.

zoukzoukzoukzouk wass damn happening! omg it was too much to handle. drinks and more drinks kept filling up my stomache. danced like i never danced in my life before and what esle? oh ya, zouk was fucking packed. what’s new. ¬†imagine¬†yourself dancing with one hand up preventing from any sudden burns to either yourself or people around you most of the time. last night songs was WOW!




hairshow for kimage.



i met paul after my hairshow. walked to raffles city to meet him at the shop for his lunch break. i ended up meeting mavis, helly & bert. we gossiped alot about someone which made us started bursting out with laughters la. caught storm the yard at the cathay and cabbed home. will be meeting paul later for maybe say lunch? i dont know. gdnights.




everyone is doing THIS pose!



my part time boyfriend.


Protected: sick. March 13, 2007

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zouk tmr.

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my love for clubbing is kicking in again. all thanks to my dear friend jessie that brought me into her happening nightlife scene. iloveyoubabe!